Replica alloy wheels – the choice of car enthusiasts

Replica alloy wheels – the choice of car enthusiasts

Experts point out the indisputable advantages of light-alloy wheels over stamped steel ones. Copies of standard disks are distinguished by their original design, low cost and are suitable for all car brands.

To prevent the owner from being deprived of the right to warranty service when changing wheels on a car, it is necessary to take into account the parameters specified by the manufacturer:

  • DIA is the landing diameter of the hub;
  • ET – wheel offset.

It is not recommended to use adapter rings, as there is a risk of removing the vehicle from the warranty.

Original products offered by dealers can be replaced with cheaper counterparts. On the market of spare parts and auto accessories, there is a wide selection of alloy wheels for various brands of cars.

Advantages of alloy wheels over stamped steel

One of the important parameters is the weight of the product. Light -alloy car wheels are 15-20% lighter than steel ones. Even a slight decrease in the weight of the car affects acceleration and dynamics, fuel consumption, and the service life of the car’s mechanisms and assemblies.

The “open” design of the disc provides ventilation of the elements of the braking system. At the same time, due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, intensive heat removal occurs. Both factors contribute to effective cooling of the brakes, reducing wear of parts and increasing their service life.

High-tech equipment makes it possible to produce products with an ideal geometric shape and weight distribution, which in the future makes it possible to balance the wheel as accurately as possible, and this:

  • reduced tire wear;
  • increase in the resource of hub elements and steering gear;
  • increased vehicle handling;
  • reduction of vibration while driving.

Finally, the sophisticated design of alloy wheels and a huge selection of different models will help give the car a completely new look. As an example, we can cite KiK light-alloy wheels manufactured using die-casting technology.

Replica – copies of standard car disks

Manufacturers producing analogs of standard car disks try to copy the original design of the product as accurately as possible and supply the products with emblems and logos of auto concerns. In addition, the developers propose their own projects, announcing their own original designs. At the same time, products of consistently high quality are offered, which is confirmed by significant warranty periods for the goods.

Original alloy wheels significantly affect the value of the car. Buyers prefer to order cars with steel rims in order to later replace them with inexpensive Replica counterparts. For your information, the cost of the latter can be several times lower than the price of original products of car factories.

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