How to choose a battery for your car

How to choose a battery for your car

How to choose a battery for your car

Sooner or later, every motorist has a moment when fiddling with an old starter battery becomes painfully troublesome. In addition, it often happens at the most inopportune moment.

There is no doubt that you should definitely buy a new battery. Despite the fact that the starter is used all year round, it is a seasonal product. When it’s warm outside, turning the crankshaft is a trifling matter, which even an old and rather poor battery can handle. But in the cold season, the situation is a little more complicated, the battery every now and then strives to refuse, and its owner will have to go to the store.

Self-selection of the battery

If you want to choose the 50 battery yourself without the help of consultants, then the first thing you need to pay attention to is the dimensions. The battery is guaranteed to fit into the space provided for it, be it the luggage compartment or the engine compartment. At the same time, pay attention to the polarity, look at the old battery and choose a new one by analogy.

After that, we choose a brand. It is definitely worth choosing products from trusted manufacturers, and not listening to the persuasion of consultants regarding newcomer companies. The company “EUROBAT” is a domestic company that has won recognition and proved its reliability. Typically, the starter brand determines the cost. You can get acquainted with the offered goods and find out their cost on the website.

Battery Categories

On the domestic market, you can find three categories of batteries: serviced, low-maintenance and maintenance-free.

  • The serviced ones have practically gone out of circulation, but they can still sometimes be found on sale. They are produced by several Russian enterprises and several enterprises in the countries of Asia and in the east of Europe. A distinctive feature of this equipment is an ebony body and a black mastic poured on top.
  • The bulk of the produced batteries are low-maintenance. They are presented on the market in a wider range. The equipment is dry-charged and filled with electrolyte at the plant. The first option has a longer shelf life, in order to bring it into working condition, it is enough to fill in the electrolyte. The second option is already completely ready for work.
  • Owners of a maintenance-free battery are simply deprived of the ability to do anything with it. There are no filler plugs or any holes on the cover. This equipment is designed for ideal operating conditions in mild climates. They are quite expensive and not suitable for all vehicles.
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