Change houses. Block containers.

Change houses. Block containers.

Today, there are several types of cabins, or depending on the purpose of their use. So all such structures can be divided into metal and wooden change houses.

Metal structures are used in completely different climatic zones. This is due to the fact that they are not affected by weather conditions. In addition, these cabins are very strong and durable. Wooden cabins are much cheaper than the previous counterpart. It is also worth considering that wooden structures are lighter. So let’s consider these types of cabins in more detail. Construction of cabins can be viewed on the website doma-bitovki.

Metal change houses (block containers)

First of all, it should be noted that  metal change houses  can have completely different layouts. So with the help of several containers, you can build a room of the desired area. Robust frame modules allow assembling structures even in several floors. After that, you only need to install gutters and stairs. So the room is completely ready for use. It is not cold in metal block containers, because the walls of the structure are made of sandwich panels or metal profiled sheets. Metal structures are simply irreplaceable for film crews who have to live in nature for a long time. They are also very often used as housing for workers. As a rule, special galvanized sheets are used for the roof. It is possible to use painted ferrous metal sheets. Block containers at reasonable prices can be found on the Internet.

Change houses wooden (household blocks)

Wooden cabins are held on the basis of a timber frame. Outside, the structure is finished with clapboard. It is worth noting that wooden counterparts are not as durable and durable, and, accordingly, they are much cheaper. As a rule, the roof is covered with metal sheets, which protects the house from snow, rain and other precipitation. The most popular options for ordinary wooden change houses are country houses, a building for builders, a sauna and utility blocks. For example, wooden summer cottages are very popular. Very often, wooden cabins replace housing. This is especially true if a land plot is purchased, but construction on it has not yet begun. Such structures provide quite convenient and comfortable conditions, which is very important. All necessary furniture and electrical appliances can be installed in wooden cabins.

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