Car rental conditions in Moscow

Car rental conditions in Moscow

The car in our country is the most convenient means of transport. Mainly because it fully meets the rights of its owner to freedom of movement.

But what if, for some reason, a person does not have a personal car? The best option is to contact the rental service.

There can be many reasons why you may need a rented car. Perhaps the car enthusiast already has a car, but it is not representative enough, and it is very necessary to impress partners or a girlfriend. Or we are talking about a businessman who is not used to riding public transport in a foreign city.

To be able to rent a car in Moscow, a driver needs to meet several requirements. Avtomaxi rental provides a list of the most important conditions for transferring a car for free use. Among them: the presence of a driver’s license and driving experience of at least two years. A vehicle can be rented by a driver who is at least twenty-one years old.

Both a citizen of the Russian Federation and a foreign citizen can use the services of a rental company. Residents of the Russian Federation are required to provide a Russian passport, foreigners – a national passport, visa and migration card. The firm works not only with individuals, but also with legal entities. The list of required documents for them is somewhat longer. The company is obliged to submit all documents confirming the legality of the company and its correct payment of taxes.

Car rental includes not only the services of the company itself, but also MTPL and CASCO insurance, payment for technical maintenance of the car. The lessee pays for petrol expenses and possible fines on his own.

It is worth noting that the companies strictly monitor the timely return of the car to the parking lot. If the rental is overdue by at least an hour, the renter is obliged to pay an additional 60% of the daily rental cost.

The car brands available to the client meet all occasions. There are economy and standard class cars for tourist trips around the city or beyond, SUVs and minivans for family picnics, convertibles for romantic travel, premium and business class cars for business meetings.

The service company undertakes to issue a clean car with a filled tank. The renter is obliged to return it in the same condition. Car rental is the easiest and fastest way to get your own transport for a short or long time.

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