Car battery care in the cold season

Car battery care in the cold season

The main rule is to buy batteries and other equipment only in specialized stores. The company “EUROBAT” offers a wide selection of car batteries from the manufacturer. You will be pleasantly surprised by the combination of high quality and affordable cost in each product.

 How to store the battery directly depends on the features of its design, whether it is dry-charged or filled with electrolyte. A dry and well-ventilated place is ideal for storing devices. In no case should the sun’s rays fall on the body, they can damage the plastic coating, and this will lead to malfunctions in further work.

Before removing the battery for the winter, the case must be thoroughly rinsed, remove traces of dirt, dust, electrolyte. Check the electrolyte level, if its values ​​are below the permissible norm, add distilled water. Tap water is NOT suitable for these, as you will simply ruin the battery.

How to choose a car battery store

It is no secret that the service life of any device depends on the operating conditions, and car batteries are no exception. Continuous starting of the engine, moving short distances, electrical problems, untimely inspection and other factors significantly affect the performance of the battery and contribute to its failure. And in winter, the situation may worsen even more, since the number of additional energy consumers is increasing, this is heating, and the frequent use of side lights, headlights, and indicators. Taking care of the battery in the cold season is much more difficult. It is not enough to choose a good car battery store and make a purchase, you need proper care.

If you want to leave the car for the winter in the garage, it is better to disconnect one battery terminal. So the battery is minimally discharged and there is no need for constant recharging. If the frosts are very severe, it will be advisable to remove the battery and move it to a warmer place, for example, to a basement or cellar. To remove the battery from the car, disconnect the negative terminal, then the positive terminal. It is very important to follow this sequence, otherwise there is a risk of short circuit. A prerequisite is to store the battery in a horizontal position.

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